Mathew NYC is pleased to present "Dripping Tap" an exhibition by Olivia Erlanger. Erlanger's work considers the movement of currency and financial markets as an ecological force. "Dripping Tap" presents new sculptures such as cut out filing cabinets which are filled with mud and illuminated by a light system that adjusts according to a live data stream from the New York Mercantile Stock Exchange. Stacked on top of the cabinets and scattered throughout the gallery are porcelain newspapers. A newspaper documents diurnal happenings and within its pages it transmits pertinent information about stocks, trades and the political situations which would affect both. Two new sculptural works resembling building facades examine the flow of economy made visible by the structures which surround us. A facade is indicative of not only the era and tastes during which a building is constructed, but acts as a barometer for the current state of the economy as well.